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Our decoration machines

AS1 - Sunshine machine

Page under construction ... but this machine is very popular in the watch industry.

AS1 - Machine de soleillage
AS1 - Machine de soleillage

The AC10 strapping machine allows strapping of both sides of a wheel, which constitutes a small revolution in the field of machining of timepieces.


The AC10 strapping machine also allows strapping of solid or arm wheels, cut or not. Highly reliable, the AC10 has a part loading, turning and unloading mechanism that allows high production rates to be maintained.

Machine de cerclage AC10

AC10 - Automatic strapping machine

AC10 - Machine de cerclage

AM13 - Molding machine

The AM13 Moulder allows the molding or diamond coating of both sides of solid wheels with arms, cut or not.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Single-sided diamond coating: 6 - 8 pieces per minute

Double-sided diamond coating: 3 - 4 pieces per minute

Minimum machining diameter: 2 mm

Maximum machining diameter: 10 mm

Machine de moulurage AM13
AM13 - Machine de moulurage

A3D - Oscillating Weight Scenery Machine

No flyer yet no photo for the moment

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